Monday, June 27, 2011

The Gifts of Leadership

The school year is pretty much over. Exams are finished, marked and report cards are written. It has been an eventful semester and we have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do this week (Hooray for renovations?). A week ago I began working through my Honours Specialist HS Mathematics course and this was one of the readings I have had to do and thought that it might be worth sharing. Some things worth thinking about, in any event.

Cile Chavez, EdD

Consider the gift of intelligence
And balance it with humour.

Consider the gift of truth
And balance it with compassion.

Consider the gift of routine
And balance it with creativity.

Consider the gift of confidence
And balance it with vulnerability.

Consider the gift of presence
And balance it with detachment.

Consider the gift of hard questions
And balance it with honest answers.

Consider the gift of managing crises
And balance it with predictability.

Consider the gift of challenging work
And balance it with recognition and celebrations.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Joys of 3U Physics, and Why I Will Miss This Class

This semester has been a much more enjoyable one, especially in terms of answering the question "So how are your classes?". I've been having a great semester when you look at things on a whole - and it is amazing what one great 3U Physics class can do for your outlook on things.

I have had the pleasure of working through this class of 20 students (that started out much larger, but that's a whole different story) since the start of February and now have to consider that it will be coming to an end. It has been pleasantly refreshing to work with these kids - kids who have a sincere desire to learn. A couple who are taking it just because they can even! What a novelty this is nowadays (and a sad reality). To see the joy of learning instilled in them and to see them love it even though they are not all doing amazingly (but they just like the class so they are OK with it and are still pleasant to be around).

I am going to miss these kids when they leave the classroom for the last time. Seeing them in the halls next year might not be enough - of course they will be invited to come join me at lunch whenever they would like. And again I will miss them when they graduate next year. It will be the first graduating class that has a substantial group of kids from various classes that is graduating and has been taught by me as well. It will probably be a bittersweet day. But I will be proud of them all. And hopefully, they have enjoyed putting up with me as much as I have enjoyed learning with them.

Here's to many more experiences that make the teaching experience a beautiful one!