Monday, June 27, 2011

The Gifts of Leadership

The school year is pretty much over. Exams are finished, marked and report cards are written. It has been an eventful semester and we have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do this week (Hooray for renovations?). A week ago I began working through my Honours Specialist HS Mathematics course and this was one of the readings I have had to do and thought that it might be worth sharing. Some things worth thinking about, in any event.

Cile Chavez, EdD

Consider the gift of intelligence
And balance it with humour.

Consider the gift of truth
And balance it with compassion.

Consider the gift of routine
And balance it with creativity.

Consider the gift of confidence
And balance it with vulnerability.

Consider the gift of presence
And balance it with detachment.

Consider the gift of hard questions
And balance it with honest answers.

Consider the gift of managing crises
And balance it with predictability.

Consider the gift of challenging work
And balance it with recognition and celebrations.

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