Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Refreshing Start

The new semester is under way! A long and difficult one behind me, I went into February with a renewed sense of self and a fresh perspective. It helped that I had a lot of support. My fellow teachers were and still are there to encourage me and to share a word of advice or lend an ear and my admin were there to recognize another trying class and take them out of my schedule.

So here I am, with a Grade 9 Applied and 10 Academic Science along with a Grade 11 University Physics. My stress level has already decreased significantly. Having three preps is a lot to handle but at least only 2 of them are new (it was supposed to be three). I have had such a refreshing perspective on my students with only a week under my belt - the Grade 11s have reminded me that there are students out there who want to learn, who like being in your class, who look forward to learning something a little difficult. I am still dealing with the remnants of my stress, realizing that my headaches are a result of tension, but hopefully they too, will pass.

And now we will see what my new approach will bring. A new late policy in my classes (complete with a sign in sheet), a focus on routines and rules in the first couple of weeks of class (largely with the applieds, ensuring they (and I) use their hands when they have a question or want to answer one), remembering to follow through on consequences, and always remembering to smile and enjoy the moments of my students' day.

So here is to the next 5 months.
May they be productive, educating and entertaining!