Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My #oneword for 2016

This is my first time coming up with a #oneword as a professional new years resolution, and I am having trouble doing it. I had initially thought of using the word "basic" to try to get myself to focus on the basics, sleep more, and be a little less crazy. But let's face it, I wouldn't be very good at that. Perhaps the writing of this blog is proof enough of that.

And so I have settled on LEARNING as my word for 2016. Being a learner is something I have really grown to embrace since I started my career and I want to continue to build on this in 2016. My areas for being a learner:

1. Drive my own LEARNING.

Try to more consistently read blogs/articles/tweets that are related to things that I want to learn about. I hope to pay a bit more attention to #mathBoS and #TTOG so that I can focus on the things that drive my every day learning.

2. LEARN from my students, every day.

I am constantly reminding myself to focus on improving my communication with my students. I want to learn to be better at making connections with students every day.

3. LEARNING at some interesting PD opportunities.

I would really like to find an interesting conference to go to. Maybe even one that would require me to travel (such as #flipcon). I don't know if this really counts as part of a resolution since I am a PD nerd though :)

What is your #oneword?

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