Friday, July 3, 2015

Week 20 - Setting up MPM 2D

Here I sit trying to set myself up to teacher MPM 2D this semester (OK, really it was 5 months ago...but I fell of the blog bandwagon and am playing catch up) with way too many ideas of what I think is needed going through my head. How am I going to set up my LMS? What gamification ideas am I going to try? Where am I going to source my videos from for my flipped lessons? What will my classroom routines be? (See - so many decisions to make! The next time someone accuses teachers of being lazy I think I will read them this opening paragraph). Here is what I am hoping to accomplish:

1. Use Edmodo to set up an online area where students can access resources, connect to each other, and have one account to do multiple things. I use EduCanon (which allows me to embed questions into YouTube videos for my flipped lessons and students automatically have an account for when using Edmodo) and am hoping to make some use of the cK-12 resources for online practice and quizzes.

2. Badges on Edmodo for a bit of gamification. I struggled with this last semester. My efforts often peter out and students cannot see what badges they have not earned yet so there is no added drive for them really. I will make use of the badges to connect to the University of Waterloo Problem of the Week - I am going to post this problem every week and for each month there will be a badge for 2 things

  • attempting at least one problem that month and submitting a solution
  • completing a min of 3 problems that month with a consistent effort and mostly correct results
3. Make use of a known YouTube channel (alrichards314) for some of my flipped lesson videos and search YouTube for at least one other with a lesson style that I like. Here is the one I ended up using because the lessons are usually set up so that an explanation is given for the tool/skill/concept before examples are used to show how to use it.

4. Every class will start with a 10 minute warm up that is developed to help students work on core numeracy skills to improve confidence (i.e. multiplication, division, fractions, etc). I hope to attempt to make sure what we do here is somehow related to that days work but feel it is important regardless. I am planing to focus on one skill per week where the difficulty builds up and Fridays will have some kind of game component.

5. Tracking student achievement using an excel tracking sheet for learning goals throughout the course (recording what learning level the student is at based on what I hear/see/mark - the long term goal being the observations/conversations piece of triangulation of data, for now I just want to get used to using this so that it can be a tracking method in the future). I also hope to have the individual student have access to this in the future so they can see what areas they should keep working on. I have also started using a OneNote file to track student work and am hoping to keep doing this (I soon realized that while this was doable first semester with a small class it was not feasible to do myself with 28 students - I made an attempt to get students to do this for themselves as an eportfolio but did not follow up well - now a goal for the future!).


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