Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I Can't Teach

There are so many school related things that I could blog about right now, but for some reason I feel the need to talk about something that I feel I could never show, teach, etc to students. Something that life has to teach you. Something that most kids/teenagers are not exposed to. Some are, and I feel that at that age many persons still don't learn it.

Life needs to be lived like there is a tomorrow and like there is no tomorrow all at the same time. We need to strive forward with a positive outlook on what is to come - strive forward as if the negative things that come our way (or in the way of our loved ones) will be over come. To look forward into our life that although it might end tomorrow, that maybe it won't end for many years to come. To not worry about the little things but to make a difference in someones life. To be convinced that there is a purpose to your life.

I don't think I can teach this. I think we all learn it in our own time. Sometimes we learn it many times.

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